Stephen A. Smith Went on Sean Hannity's Show, Talked About Joe Biden's Cognitive State


Stephen A. Smith completed his home-and-home with Sean Hannity last night by appearing during the 9 o'clock hour of Fox News, opposite Monday Night Football. The man's commitment to being on-camera is unmatched. Hannity, who goes way back with Smith, used the opportunity to ask the host of First Take if President Joe Biden is suffering from "serious cognitive decline."

"I don't like what I see at times, Sean, but I'm not a doctor," Smith said. "I'm not going to go that far disrespectful to the President of the United States but I respect the fact that other people do see things and they wish he seemed a bit more stable at times and not as forgetful as he has been sometimes. I'll admit that much."

Hannity, presumably scrapping all his further medical questions upon realizing Smith does not hold a medical degree, pivoted to whether Biden needs to go to the Situation Room instead of the beach in Delaware if he believes the threat of nuclear Armageddon is real.

"Well maybe so but I can think of a lot of things that presidents have done over the years, who happen to be Republican by the way, where the optics might not have looked so good," Smith said. "So what? At the end of the day we get to judge the job that he's doing, the administration he's working with and what they are executing."

Smith then pivoted to flattering Hannity with some wise adage about the prism of history. I'm not entirely sure what was accomplished by all of these except generating interest for two shows and alienating some people. Many were quick to point out that times sure have changed at ESPN since Jemele Hill was opining on Donald Trump. But they've been changed.

If anything, Smith's appearance on Hannity, or his one on Jake Paul's show to talk about butt stuff, hammers home just how much autonomy and capital he's earned. He's going to do anything the wants and reasonable minds can disagree if they enjoy the full-court press or could do with less.