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Stephen A. Smith Was Asked About Butt Stuff on Jake Paul's Show

Kyle Koster

Stephen A. Smith has been sitting down for hits with a lot of different outlets over the past few weeks and in each one the hosts face the daunting challenge of asking him something new and different. BS With Jake Paul, a weekly show for Betr, made sure they covered some fresh ground with ESPN's biggest star by posing some deeply personal questions. So if you're someone out there who has been waiting for more details on Smith's sex life, congratulations, your ship has come in.

Here's Julia Rose Paul getting one answer and then a bit of a non-answer.

Guess we know what the BS stands for now.

Look, there's no great way to handle being grilled on what goes on in your bedroom. Smith did as good as he possibly could given the situation. Brought everyone on set to a point of levity without going into details.

Incredible the lengths some will go to just to cover sports media. And how overmatched all of us who would ask something boring like how do you prepare for First Take really are in this game .