Stephen A. Smith on 'Delusional' Kyrie Irving: 'This Brother is in La La Land'

Al Bello/GettyImages

Kyrie Irving has been a pretty reliable source of drama over the past five or six years, as he struggles to find a place to play where he is both appreciated and where he won't have to actually play much. Then he'll have more time to ponder the wonders of the universe as he and Aaron Rodgers try to one-up each other in the sphere of enlightenment. It appears increasingly likely that Brooklyn will not be that spot, as news came this morning that Irving and the Nets are at an impasse about the future.

Stephen A. Smith was asked to give his reaction on First Take and he sure did. ESPN's No. 1 sports talker reached back and delivered a 98 mph fastball on the topic.

The highlights?

- Asking Molly Qerim if this was still First Take because all of the laughter made him think he'd stumbled into some weird Comedy Central dimension.

- Repeating the word "impasse," which, to be fair, is a funny word.

- Pointing out all the games Irving has missed these past few years.

- Briefly admiring the nerve and gall to pull something like this because it affords him the opportunity to use the ol' nerve and gall line.

- Calling Irving "delusional," which is oddly cathartic if you allow yourself to do it.

Smith is correct about everything and more entertaining than virtually everyone saying similar things. Irving's inability to be on the court with any consistency is a real problem. Any team with a scrap of common sense is going to want as many loopholes as possible so they don't hitch their fortune to a disinterested anchor. Irving is special as hell as a player but not special enough that front offices should forget their training and try to LeRoy Jenkins their way to a title with him.