Stephen A. Smith: Kawhi Leonard Said 'Someone Tell LeBron to Stop Being Scared to Guard Me'

Stephen Douglas
LeBron James guarding Kawhi Leonard
LeBron James guarding Kawhi Leonard / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers won their 30th game of the season last night, poetically beating an aggressively dirty New York Knicks squad by 30. KCP was nearly decapitated and Anthony Davis fell on his butt. With the Lakers refusing to be interesting by way of dysfunction, people are throwing stuff at the walls hoping anything will stick. The latest comes from Stephen A. Smith who said today that Kawhi Leonard said, "Someone tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me."

This is the first (alleged) recorded instance of Kawhi talking trash. Or just talking in general, really. Why would Kawhi feel the need to say this after the Clippers beat the Lakers in both head-to-head matchups so far this season? It's unclear, but if Kawhi actually said this it would seem to be that LeBron is actually the one living inside Kawhi's head, as opposed to the other way around, as we've been told all season.

If Kawhi did say this, he'll be disappointed to learn that the teams' next meeting isn't until January 28th and LeBron definitely won't guard him before then. He should also note it's a nationally televised game in the middle of a stretch where the Clippers play every other night for about two straight weeks so Kawhi will likely sit due to load management.

The Clippers are only a half-game out of 2nd place in the Western Conference, so even if they don't catch the Lakers they can still get home court for the first two rounds and play the entirety of the Western Conference Finals in their home building. If they get that far, LeBron will probably end up guarding him a little.