Stephen A. Smith: J.J. Watt Would Be Betraying His Family if He Joined the Browns

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

J.J. Watt is a free agent for the first time in his career. In the superstar's words, it's wild. At least a dozen teams are rumored to be interested in Watt's services, which lines up. A player with his level of pedigree rarely becomes available on the open market, much less when they still have something to give like Watt does.

The multi-time Defensive Player of the Year seems like he will prioritize winning, with getting paid a close second. He never got past the Divisional round in Houston and he knows the clock is ticking. Where he'll end up is anybody's guess, but we know for sure that he'll have plenty of places to choose from.

The most recent rumors linked Watt to the Cleveland Browns. Initially that feels surprising because the Browns and winning are whatever the opposite of synonymous is. But the Browns have a good team that won a playoff game last year (and came awfully close to knocking off the eventual AFC champs in Kansas City) and they have money to spend. They also have Myles Garrett, who would automatically become the best pass-rusher Watt has ever lined up next to. Cleveland is far from Super Bowl favorites, but in terms of fit and ability to contend, there aren't many better combinations.

Unfortunately, if Watt does decide to join Cleveland, family dinners might be uncomfortable because both of his brothers currently play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, longtime rivals of the Browns and the same team Cleveland beat in the postseason last season. The Brothers Watt are competitive athletes through and through, however, so I would imagine that the opportunity to beat J.J. twice a year and perhaps more appeals greatly to T.J. and Derek.

Stephen A. Smith doesn't see it that way and took his pedestal on First Take to give a dramatic monologue about how J.J. joining Cleveland would be an absolute betrayal of his family.

Smith even broke out all of his favorite adjectives. A blasphemous, sacrilegious, absolute act of betrayal. Shakespearian stuff. A decision most foul, some would call it. Men at some time are masters of their own fates, and Watt is the master of his own fate now. To be a Brown or not to be a Brown, that is the question.

Love it when Stephen A. cranks the absurdity dial up to 1,000.