Stephen A. Smith Interrupted His Own 'First Take' Rant to Yell About Elvis Being Dead

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

Stephen A. Smith remains one of the best in the world when it comes to shouting about sports on television. Even if his various interests seem to be leading him in other directions these days, this is still what he does best and he was deep in his bag on First Take this morning as he had an entire debate about the Los Angeles Lakers' chances in the first round of the playoffs with himself.

Keep in mind, the Lakers aren't even in the playoffs yet. Still, many people are saying the Lakers are a serious danger in the Western Conference. Stephen A. Smith understands all that, but he also believes in the Memphis Grizzlies, which he explains in great detail before he appears to get fed up with... himself.

Here. I won't give it away if you want to watch first.

So as he tries to explain that Memphis is no joke, he starts to get agitated. To the point where he starts clapping and basically interrupts himself. He then starts yelling about how Elvis is dead and accuses Molly Qerim, who was just sitting there quietly, of having never been to Memphis, to the point where she has to defend herself by saying she has been to Memphis.

"This is the point that I wanted to make. 'Cause I've reiterated this on many occassions. Elvis is dead! God rest his soul. God rest his soul. You ain't been to Memphis, Molly! You ain't been to Memphis! I've been to Memphis! They've got signs of Elvis. They got billboards of Elvis and Graceland. There should be billboards of Ja Morant. OK? Ja Morant. Elvis is dead, Kendrick Perkins. It's over, OK? God rest his soul."

Yes, Kendrick Perkins is there too. Possibly unaware he's even on TV during this rant, wiping his head with a towel and making mouth noises on a hot mic. It's not quite Jeff Darlington and RGIII on their phones on Get Up, but it definitely seems like something.

Anyway, the mini-Elvis rant here is a throwback to a year ago when he was originally upset that were so many Elvis billboards in Memphis. Qerim and Mike "Mad Dog" Russo attempted to defend the King of Rock and Roll, but it apparently did not work.