Stephen A. Smith Defends Tom Brady's Decision to Ignore NFLPA, Work Out With Teammates

Liam McKeone
Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Clark
Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Clark /

Despite the pleas of the NFL's Players Association, Tom Brady is among several players who are continuing to work out together. First Take tackled the subject today, debating whether Brady should face criticism for that decision. I am among those who believe he absolutely should.

Stephen A. Smith is not. He argued that it is possible to work out while adhering to safety protocols that lower the chances of everyone involved catching coronavirus.

This is definitely a true statement. It is not what Brady did. He posted several Instagram pictures of himself and his teammates six inches apart (rather than six feet), sans-mask, and video evidence captured by Tampa Bay local news contradicts Smith's argument.

It doesn't even look like these guys are wearing gloves! Tough to see how Smith can defend it in the way he did. Unless, of course, he didn't see the video.

The whole segment is pretty entertaining if you want to watch it on YouTube. Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman is mentioned. But Smith is in the wrong here. Brady should not be criticized for working out-- he should be criticized for his choice to pretend social distancing is an optional activity with no ramifications to be found.