SMU Wide Receiver Dries Hands on Official Without Consent


SMU and Boston College are currently involved in something called the Wasabi Fenway Bowl in the miserable Boston weather. What a time to be alive, to have cable, and one of those jobs where no one really notices how hard you work the last week of the year. Things have actually been pretty entertaining as the hometown Eagles have embraced the opportunity to play down the street and the Mustangs are motivated to secure their 12th win of the season.

Need another reason to watch in addition to the simple fact that it's football and it's on television? Well, there might be some more funny stuff, like SMU wide receiver Romello Brinson using an officials shirt to dry his hands before any pass comes his direction. It may not be technically illegal, but the zebras don't care too much for the practice.

Bowl season. It means nothing and everything at all. A real choose-your-own-adventure situation. We would miss out on so much if there were even one fewer exhibition game to watch while hiding from in-laws in the other room.