Brutal Slap Fighting Video Goes Viral


On Monday, the Internet got acquainted with slap fighting, which is exactly what it sounds like. It features two competitors on either side of a podium taking turns slapping their opponent. Think Over the Top but with European dudes and, somehow, less dignity. Video emerged of RXF's slap fighting tournament and man, it is brutal.

RXF was in Las Vegas for the championship that saw two men brutally wailing on each other for 10 rounds.

Look at the face of Sorin Comsa after this huge smack:

I don't know how he's still alive, let alone conscious. Here's the kicker: he wound up winning!

I'm not a doctor but he should probably get that checked out.

This is the sport Dana White has jumped into head first with his new series Power Slap on TBS. Not sure it's a great idea for White to be associated with anything with the word "slap" in it right now, but I digress.