Skip Bayless' Wife Will Beat the Crap Out of You


Ernestine Sclafini, the wife of Skip Bayless, wrote a book about living with a man who is obsessed with sports. The book has been available since September, but she is still out there pounding the pavement promoting it and letting ladies know how to deal with dudes who love sports. Last week she was on Undisputed with Skip and Shannon.

This week she was interviewed in Newsday. Her conversation with Neil Best led to a perfect jacket quote for the second edition.

"I’m from Long Island, so if you’re going to say something about someone I care about I’m going to beat the crap out of you."

Can you imagine the list of people Ernestine Sclafini wants to beat up? As Best put it mildly, Sclafini's husband is "paid well by Fox to have bold opinions, and many of those opinions get a rise out of people." Boy is he.

Much like one of Skip's opinions, the interview appeared to get a reaction from some people who cover things like this.

If Skip ever gets any time off from watching sports - and working out - maybe he can write a book about sports-obsessed fellas living with ladies who don't care about sports. I'm sure he'll be able to find somewhere to promote it.