Skip Bayless: Actually, Tiger Woods Won the Masters

The Masters - Final Round
The Masters - Final Round / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Everyone knows that Scottie Scheffler won the Masters over the weekend with precious little drama. What Skip Bayless proposes, though, is that he didn't. The Undisputed star, who identifies himself as "the biggest Masters fan, golf fan" explained his rationale for such a take this morning.

"It was the bland leading the bland," Bayless said of Scheffler. "Nobody cared because everybody cared about Tiger's return. The beauty of what Tiger did was — my pet peeve in life is that so often we see notable figures in our world, they have to die before they get the acclaim that they deserve. Before they get celebrated and eulogized and honored the way they deserve to be honored and they don't get to see it unless they're watching from above. Tiger, he got eulogized, man, because he had a near-death experience and it was if yesterday he had come all the way back from the dead."

He's not wrong. When we look back at this year's tournament in Augusta, it will be more known for the miraculous return of Woods than it will be for Scheffler's resounding victory. A major reason for that is the lack of Sunday drama. Conversation would be a bit different today if the outcome had been more in doubt.

It's not really taking anything away from the red-hot Scheffler, currently on a torrid stretch not seen in the sport since Tiger's prime. And it won't make the 25-year-old's green jacket any less green. There's a communal understanding of what the biggest story line of the weekend was, and a shared appreciation that we were able to witness one of the fiercest competitors to ever compete battle his body, the elements, and a deep field.