Coronavirus is Shutting Down Sports and Skip Bayless is Still Tweeting About Jordan Being Better Than LeBron

Skip Bayless tweet about LeBron James and Michael Jordan.
Skip Bayless tweet about LeBron James and Michael Jordan. /

It's C-Day in sports, as the sweeping spread of coronavirus has forced many leagues and organizations to take drastic actions to ensure the safety of players, fans, coaches, etc.

But while most sports people are discussing the impact of those decisions, Skip Bayless is laser focused. He won't let a little thing like a global pandemic distract him from going hard on his talking points-- chief among them, why Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James.

These tweets came between 5:46-5:55 p.m. EST (there are more, in case you were wondering). About an hour before that, the NCAA announced that fans wouldn't be allowed to attend March Madness games. Earlier in the day, the Warriors announced the same thing, the Ivy League canceled all spring sports, the Mariners are looking to move their opening home series, the CBI was canceled, and the NBA is considering not letting fans attend games on a broad scale, either. There was also the continued stock market crash, the announcement that this is being considered a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, and so much more.

But yeah, tell me more about why Jordan is better than LeBron, Skip.

Honestly, the funniest thing is Skip is talking about a game LeBron played last night, nearly 24 hours ago. He had already went off about this subject in earlier tweets and on his show, Undisputed. Clearly that wasn't enough.

At this point, you have to wonder what it would take for Skip to not focus on Jordan>LeBron? Nuclear war? Nah, even then he would say the same thing. Guy's got principals and getting off topic isn't allowed.