Skip Bayless Already Amassing a Significant Amount of 2021-22 Los Angeles Lakers Takes

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As we sit here before mid-August, Skip Bayless is hard at work getting a tremendous amount of anti-LeBron James/anti-Los Angeles Lakers takes on the official record. That comes with a certain amount of respect for one of sports media's highest-paid stars. Say what you want about him — and we do — but the man simply refuses to take his foot off the gas pedal. Yesterday the Undisputed star predicted that Russell Westbrook will be a disaster for James. Today he's back at the wheel, firing off the idea that Buddy Hield would have been a better acquisition for the Lakers.

Ever since pivoting to paying a bit more attention to what Bayless is doing over there this past month or so, I've noticed an interesting tic where he tells Shannon Sharpe that "those are your words" to immediately go on the offensive. He eventually says this was a no-brainer as in LeBron has no brain if he choose Westbrook over Hield. That's also not bad. Definitely a good line from a bygone Chicago Tribune column.

About halfway in, Skip claims James seems more interested in getting to No. 1 on the all-time scoring list than winning championships and then it kind of goes on from there. Viewer be warned.

At this point it seems to prudent to start compiling all the takes of this ilk in real time as James' biggest detractor puts them out there. Just to see how high the pile can get before the next postseason. Sky feels like the limit. Focus groups show this is the type of content viewers eat up.