Skip Bayless: Russell Westbrook Will Be a Disaster for LeBron James

Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

With reverberations of all the Los Angeles Lakers roster bombs still rattling windows, Skip Bayless is already forecasting doom and gloom for next season. He arose this morning, saw the calendar said Aug. 9 and found the nearest Fox Sports camera to deliver a message. That Russell Westbrook will consider this his team, not LeBron's, and that will become a nightmarish scenario.

Now, to be fair, many people are saying this! Westbrook's unique personality and penchant to have an extremely short shelf-life on a roster before things sour is well-known. He finds tremendous comfort in having the basketball in his hands and even the most optimistic Lakers fan has some concerns about what this experiment will look like. At the same time, if walking triple-double decides to prioritize winning over personal statistics, the possibilities are clear.

James should simply show Westbrook highlights of Rajon Rondo during the Bubble title run and say, "All we need you do is a slightly better version of this." That seems ... extremely doable.

Look, perhaps this clip doesn't come back to haunt Bayless (and he probably would see it as a win if it did) but sitting here, it's pretty easy to imagine that Westbrook grasps the concept of coming in and playing a role in order to compete for a title.

Just filing this clip away for future use.