Skip Bayless Took His Galaxy Brain Luck Tweet to 'Undisputed'

Jalen Suggs for the win.
Jalen Suggs for the win. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Skip Bayless has again gone to the absolute ends of the earth for a take that was previously non-existent. Following Jalen Suggs' awesome buzzer-beater to cap a great game, Bayless zigged on the Zags, tweeting that the game was less than great because Suggs' buzzer-beater was "lucky."

How could a normal human with a normal brain have this thought? It can't. Only people who suffered from years of serious Internet-poisoning would think this and then put it out there for public consumption.

The difference between these dumb takes? I can tell you I was kidding. I am not the person you have to invent to argue with online. Skip is.

In fact, Bayless spent the next 36 hours honing this asinine opinion for Undisputed. With things like this, we sometimes wonder if we should write about the person who intentionally says the dumb thing for attention because it's really exactly what they want us to do. The thing is, it's not working. Plenty of people are happy to point to the ratings of the Bayless-led Undsiputed and we write about his bad takes all the time so I promise this one doesn't really matter either. I mean, who is tuning in to see this?

Seriously, what kind of life is this? Aside from the money, it has to be miserable, right? Isn't going on television to say things you cannot possibly believe difficult? He must consider himself an actor playing a part. How else could you justify lying to [a very small portion of] America five days a week? Unless he breaks character whenever the cameras shut off, how can Shannon Sharpe or anyone who works in that building treat him like a real person who deserves to be taken seriously?

Just because, here's Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant banking in buzzer-beaters. And here are a bunch more from around the league. None of these players or fans felt cheated. Were any of those shots lucky? What does lucky even mean if the best shooters in the history of the sport don't even make 50 percent of their three point attempts? Never before has anyone (besides the losing side) cared about how lucky a shot was as long as it went in. Skip knows this.

That's why nobody should care. I certainly don't care. I didn't spend the last hour looking at videos of players banking in game-winners or thinking about how every game should have a luck official who works with the replay official to decide if baskets should count if they don't go in as the player intended. Nope. Not me. I could never be so lucky.