Skip Bayless' Fury-Wilder Prediction Was Bad And Then He Tried to Defend It on Twitter

Skip Bayless tweet.
Skip Bayless tweet. /

Skip Bayless isn't one to back down from a debate. How he defended his pick for the Fury-Wilder fight, though, I have no idea.

Before Tyson Fury absolutely dominated Deontay Wilder, Bayless made his prediction on Twitter, confidently picking Wilder to knockout Fury based on "unfinished business" and "Real raw anger."

Bayless wasn't alone, of course. A lot of pundits felt the heavy-handed Wilder would come out with his 42nd knockout win, especially after he nearly knocked out Fury in their first fight.

But after the first few rounds of their fight last night, it was obvious to everyone Wilder wasn't going to get the knockout. Everyone except Bayless, who pleaded his case about why Wilder's corner shouldn't have thrown in the towel in the seventh round, despite the fact that Wilder was getting absolutely destroyed by Fury in every round.

Ah, classic Bayless. Guy doesn't know when he's lost.

Honestly, though, anyone who watched that fight knew Wilder didn't have a knockout in him. He got rocked early and never seemed to have his feet under him after that. His corner did what was best for his health. They threw in the towel because he was hurting and didn't have the power to turn the tide of the fight with a single blow. But for Bayless, I guess his pick being right was more important than what was obvious to everyone else, including the professional trainers who made the decision.