Skip Bayless Genuinely Makes Me Laugh Sometimes

Michael Owens/GettyImages

Jerry Jones has been painted as someone prone to flying off the handle and changing personnel like a modern-day Billy Martin but in reality he's been extremely loyal to everyone lucky enough to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. So despite all the speculations and jumping-to-conclusions mats that were pulled out of the closet after Mike McCarthy's latest early playoff failure, news came down that America's Team would be running it back in 2024 with the same braintrust. Like Jason Garrett did twice during his Cowboys tenure, McCarthy will be coaching on the final year of his deal.

This was predictably very bad news for noted Dallas fan and chronic jersey-thrower-awayer Skip Bayless, who loquaciously reacted as such.

Ol' Skip wasn't done and continued to work through it very publicly on Wednesday night.

You get the picture. And I do want to say something about Bayless here. Yes, there are plenty of reasons to quibble what he does, how he does it, and what impact he's had on the take-o-sphere. But I'd take someone who actually cares about their teams every day of the week over someone who dispassionately creates content without personal investment. It really humanizes him, even if it's sort of annoying.

We also get an amazing window into his psyche because this morning, after all of this hemming and hawing, he teased an Undisputed segment that apparently someone from a different planet was going to do.

LOL. I have a pretty good idea!

Look, the Dallas Cowboys' stranglehold on the A-block is just something we have to live with. May as well find reasons to enjoy it.