Skip Bayless Calls Sean McVay an 'Egomaniac' For Photo-Bombing Postgame Interviews

Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford
Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Sean McVay became the youngest NFL coach to ever win a Super Bowl title on Sunday as his Los Angeles Rams took down the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20. It was not McVay's finest day as a head coach -- just about every household in America was wondering why he kept trying to run the ball late in the second half -- but he stepped up when it counted and now he has a ring.

After the trophy ceremony, McVay was bombing around the field with the same youthful energy he displays on the sidelines every week and popped in on just about every network set hosting postgame interviews. He swooped onto the NFL Network set in a whirlwind. At one point, he interrupted an ESPN interview with Aaron Donald and Von Miller to try and sell Miller on returning to the Rams next season. In short, he was all over the place.

Skip Bayless watched all the postgame festivities and, perhaps still bitter about picking the Bengals to win or his long-held, lowly opinion of Rams fans, accused McVay of being an egomaniac because of McVay's exuberance in photo-bombing everyone on the field.

Extremely bizarre take to have. McVay spent half the season celebrating touchdowns in the end zone with his own team. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he's all over the place after accomplishing what was presumably a lifelong goal of winning a championship.

Sometimes it's best to let takes lie. Even for one of sports media's greatest content creators.