Skip Bayless Achieves Peak Skip Bayless

Kyle Koster

If it's Friday, then it's time to dig into The Skip Bayless Show, a relatively new venture that is setting forth an impressive pace in delivering the good content. Today's fresh clip picks up with an ol' mailbag segment and a query from Plano, Texas, resident Cole. The Bayless listener wanted to get Skip's take on the best sports city in America.

Cole may still be wondering because instead of getting to that business, Bayless expertly swerved and went in the other direction to tell everyone that Los Angeles is the worst sports town, and Los Angeles Rams fans are the worst in America.

He talks about watching sleepy Rams crowds back in the day, the disinterested SoFi audience, and even manages to work in a Russell Westbrick reference. The guy is like a moth to the flame of saying things to get a rise out of people. Few artists are operating at this level; not just in this industry but any industry.