Skip Bayless Calls LeBron James, Russell Westbrook 'Egomaniacs' For Photobombing Austin Reaves Postgame Interview

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers notched their eighth win of the season last night, taking down the Portland Trail Blazers 128-109. LeBron James and Anthony Davis combined for 58 points and Russell Westbrook was +10 in 23 minutes despite shooting 4-of-14 from the floor. The hero of the game, though, was Austin Reaves, dropping 22 points on 7-of-10 shooting.

Reaves received a postgame interview on Spectrum Sportsnet as a result of his big night and got a visit from both LeBron and Westbrook, who were jacked up for their teammate.

Run of the mill stuff here. Players can rarely have a peaceful postgame interview after a win, especially from the local affilliate. They get water thrown on them and jumped on. It's all in good fun.

Unless you are Skip Bayless. Bayless doesn't have a platform to rattle off hot takes this week as Undisputed is on hiatus for the World Cup so he's shooting those takes into the air via his Twitter account instead. Last night, he said LeBron and Westbrook's desire to shower Reaves with affection on-camera is proof of their out-of-control egos.

it is very amusing that Skip is in Take Jail as a result of Fox Sports' decision to sideline his show and Twitter is now his only outlet. But while the process changes the results do not. The content is still produced and it's still outlandish. Doesn't miss a beat, this guy.