Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Agree: LeBron James' Game-Winner Was Lucky

Stephen Douglas
LeBron James for three.
LeBron James for three. / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

LeBron James hit an incredible game-winning three-pointer against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA's Play-In Tournament. The shot propelled the Los Angeles Lakers into the actual playoffs where they will face the Phoenix Suns. It was an incredible shot in a fairly big moment. Just look.

Under just about any circumstances, that's an awesome shot. It was very deep. There was a defender there. Throw in the shot clock, the score and the time left in the game and it's even better. The good news is that most people agree. The bad news is that I regret to inform you that the original cast of First Take is at it again.

First, and most unsurprisingly, we have Skip Bayless, the eponymous star of FS1's Undisputed With Skip and Shannon. Bayless perhaps has the longest, proudest history of trying to convince people that LeBron James isn't actually good at basketball. Does he believe it? Who knows at this point, but it bought him a house with a knee-level microwave so there's no reason to turn back now.

Skip jumped on Twitter to say the Los Angeles Clippers had watched the game from the basement of the Staples Center for some reason and were licking their chops because they now know they are going to win the Western Conference. Why would the 7-seed clinching the 7-seed and forcing the 8-seed to play one more game be such a delight for the Clippers who wouldn't face either team until the second round no matter who won? It's unclear. Unless they really were trying to avoid the Lakers.

Of course, this wasn't just about how the Lakers win was good for the Clippers, as all Lakers wins are good for the Clippers in Skip's eyes. It was about how lucky LeBron was to make this shot because despite the fact that it was in a pressure situation, there was actually no pressure. It's this kind of galaxy brain nonsense that you really have to appreciate.

Still, the best part of all this is that Skip is actually recycling this take from about six weeks ago when he called Jalen Suggs' game-winner in the Final Four a lucky shot and then went on Undisputed (as he will today) and insisted that shot was actually bad for the game.

Not to be left out, Stephen A. Smith went on ESPN after the Lakers-Warriors game and also said the shot was lucky. It's a shame these two aren't still on First Take together because the argument over who thought less of the shot would have made for some incredible television.

Was Skip lucky to get his take off first? That's up for the experts to debate, but I do know that fortune favors the hottest take.