Skip Bayless: 49ers Should Cut Jimmy Garoppolo, Sign Tom Brady

Skip Bayless cookin' some takes
Skip Bayless cookin' some takes /

As one would expect after the biggest football day of the year, the takes have come hot and heavy on Monday morning in regards to the two teams featured in last night's Super Bowl. Max Kellerman has already come out and said Patrick Mahomes is the greatest player to ever live, and it's not even noon.

Now, it's Skip's turn. Bayless went on Undisputed to explain what the 49ers should do following a devastating loss that saw them blow a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter as supposed franchise QB Jimmy Garoppolo fell apart when it mattered most. Bayless said they should simply cut Garoppolo now and sign Tom Brady to a two-year deal.

Bayless does admit that the Niners will almost definitely not do this. But, as he points out, San Francisco can cut Jimmy G this offseason for only a $4.2 million penalty on their cap space. So if John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan really do decide that Garoppolo isn't their guy, they can move on without ruining their cap sheet for the foreseeable future.

All things considered, San Francisco is an ideal destination for Brady if he left New England for numerous reasons. He grew up a Niners fan, Shanahan has his issues but is definitely a brilliant play-caller who can engineer an effective run game to ensure Brady wouldn't have to do much heavy lifting, and the defense is stacked with young talent ready to defend their title as best defense in the NFL.

It's all easier said than done, though. While Garoppolo didn't show up when his team needed him most and we can only assume Shanahan doesn't trust him completely after refusing to preserve clock at the end of the first half to try to take the lead, he did help lead this team to a No. 1 overall seed. If it weren't for Garoppolo's performance against the Saints in December, the Niners have to win on the road twice to make the Super Bowl. San Francisco may have won the Super Bowl with Brady under center for the fourth quarter instead of Garoppolo, but it's certainly no guarantee that the 2020 version of Brady could even get them there.

Moving on from Garoppolo would require an immense amount of faith that Brady is indeed an upgrade for next season and that the team doesn't regress in any other area. It's a leap that I have a hard time believing Lynch would take.