Max Kellerman: Patrick Mahomes Is the Best Player Who Ever Lived

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes won a Super Bowl. He is very good. Projecting his accomplishments over the next decade-plus is fun stuff. There is a Sliding Doors scenario where he retires as the best quarterback to play the game. Maybe the greatest at any position.

But there are so many games left to play. No one knows what's going to happen for sure. That's why they play them.

Max Kellerman doesn't need to see more though. His mind is made up. He believes Mahomes is the best player to ever live.

Here's the thing. It sounds jarring now. It's probably not true right now. Fifteen years down the road this white-hot take may be accepted reality and Kellerman will be given credit for being first with the take. Hey, the show is called First Take!

How about that?

For Mahomes' sake, I hope Max turns out to be right. If not, the famous opinion-haver will go down in history as one of the greatest prisoners of any moment.