Shannon Sharpe Blasts Ja Morant For Lack of Accountability After Toy Gun Report

Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe /

Shannon Sharpe does not have much time left on Undisputed, but the NBA Finals aren't over yet and thus there is plenty of space for Sharpe to fire off a few memorable rants. He made such an effort on today's episode in light of a new report regarding Ja Morant's most recent gun sighting.

On Tuesday the Breakfast Club reported that the gun Morant was holding during another Instagram Live was actually a toy gun. A weird place to get NBA news and an even weirder defense claim by the Morant team, but here we are.

Sharpe was raring to go on Wedensday morning on Fox Sports and unleashed, bashing Morant for trying to avoid accountability once more. And also asking Skip Bayless if he's ever seen a "grown-ass man" playing with a toy gun, which is a pretty good point.

This debacle keeps getting more absurd. A toy gun? Was that really the defense the Morant team gave to Adam Silver? It is flimsy at best, obviously, but it also doesn't make Morant come across that much better. He's not dumb enough to wave a real gun around on IG Live anymore, but he is dumb enough to wave around a toy gun after getting suspended for waving around a real gun less than three months prior. That's like one degree of stupidity less.

We'll find out how much Silver buys the "toy gun" excuse when the suspension comes down after the Finals.