Seann William Scott is the Most 2000s Actor

Seann William Scott at the premier of "Dude, Where''s my Car?"
Seann William Scott at the premier of "Dude, Where''s my Car?" / Getty Images/Getty Images

I've been thinking about Seann William Scott a lot lately, as does anyone who was alive and consuming entertainment around the turn of the century. Fresh off writing about Eugene Levy and American Pie a few days ago, I caught a few minutes of American Wedding on Starz. I don't know if "holds up" is the right thing to say about an American Pie movie from 2012, but if you were ever in American Pie's target audience, I'm not sure you can deny you still feel a little at home in that world.

And the center of that era, without a doubt in my mind, is Seann William Scott. This man was the early 2000s. He starred alongside Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville and Dwyane Johnson when he was still mostly just The Rock. In the actual year 2000, he was in Final Destination, Road Trip and Dude, Where's My Car? That's like a time capsule trilogy. The next year he was in Evolution and American Pie 2. And then he showed up in Old School. What a run.

If you were in your teens or twenties when these movies came out ,you knew them all. The American Pie movies are probably the most 2000 trilogy. (You could argue The Matrix.) Is there a more 2000 character than Steve Stifler?

Scott even hosted Saturday Night Live. In fact, he hosted the second post-9/11 episode of SNL (musical guest Sum-41). He was in the boardroom when Will Ferrell walked in wearing a shorts that were so short. Of course he was.

What more do you need? Seann William Scott was everywhere at the turn of the century. He may not have defined that era, but he personified it. Now we wait for his big comeback (not that he's been gone long) in an adaptation of a popular British mockumentary, directed by Paul Feig. That sounds pretty promising. Hopefully, it is just the beginning of the RenaisSeannce.