Roundup: Ryan Zimmerman Announces Retirement; Super Bowl LVI Drew Huge Ratings; Cody Rhodes Leaves AEW

Ryan Zimmerman, Boston Red Sox v Washington Nationals
Ryan Zimmerman, Boston Red Sox v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages

Dan Orlovsky's contract with ESPN expires this spring. It won't garner the same attention as Al Michaels' free agency has, which we discussed on Monday, but Orlovsky is a crucial piece to the four-letter's NFL coverage. Nobody can do quite what he does the way he does it. He's their best film analyst and the easy chemistry he has with the rest of the NFL Live crew is perhaps his most irreplaceable quality.

What does that mean for the former QB's future? In the immediate, he'll likely stick with ESPN. The network posted record numbers on all its studio shows this year, including NFL Live, and there's no reason to mess with the formula right as momentum is gaining. Inking Orlovsky to a reasonable extension should be in the interest of both sides. But Orlovsky is a personality to watch in the long-term. His analysis and breakdowns are already top-tier. In this next stage of his career, he could flesh out the rest of his skillset to become a well-rounded NFL commentator with a high-energy, charismatic personality. That is the type of person in very high demand in sports media these days.

In short: ESPN should sign Orlovsky and enjoy him while it has him, because he could price himself out of there sooner rather than later.

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