Ryan Fitzpatrick Landed a Skip Bayless Zinger Right to Richard Sherman's Face


Amazon flies out a tremendous amount of people to handle the pre- and post-game duties that come with Thursday Night Football. But they must be doing something right if they can convince Andrew Luck to dress up in Civil War regalia and talk about something other than how nice it was to have Jack Doyle as a security blanket over the middle. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Richard Sherman are two of the people who crowd around the desk and anytime you put a retired quarterback around a retired cornerback, sparks are going to fly.

During a discussion about the New York Jets, uh, situation going from Aaron Rodgers to Zach Wilson, Fitzpatrick said: "... at some point, though, just like the show that you're on that I watch, when I watch Skip and he doesn't believe what he's saying, it falls on deaf ears."

That show, of course, is Undisputed, which re-launched last month with Sherman among the cavalcade of former athletes and journalists talking sports with Skip Bayless. The idea that Skip may not particularly believe in some of the opinions he's pushing has been around for a long, long time.

It was a subtle little burn but a burn nonetheless. Consider being in Sherman's shoes and someone's clowning on your brand-new opportunity and can either respond in kind or let it go. He chose the latter, which was probably smart and certainly not the route he'd have chosen 10 years ago. Perhaps he can get Fitzy back next week with some quip about those truly atrocious commercials the Harvard man is somehow starring in.