Ian Rapoport: Seahawks Could Trade Russell Wilson If 2021 Season Doesn't Go Well

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

For a brief period of time over this past NFL offseason, the rumor mill was abuzz with Russell Wilson's name. After the superstar quarterback went on a scorched earth media tour in which he criticized the Seattle Seahawks' ability to protect him over the years, it seemed like a once-ideal relationship between player and team was deteriorating very quickly.

Those rumors quickly died down as both Wilson and the Seahawks did everything they could to shoot down such talk in public. Both sides are set to embark upon a 2021 season filled with Super Bowl hopes. But Ian Rapoport went on television this morning to inform the masses that all is well now, but if this year doesn't go well, Wilson could hit the trade block.

This is the first concrete intel that Seattle would ever look to move on from their star signal-caller we've received. A lot is riding on this year, obviously, but the definition of "going well" will matter a lot after the games have been played. If Wilson gets his wish and is given free reign to throw as often as possible but Seattle still loses games, will he want out? If he's limited, like he felt he was at times over the last few years, but still wins, how does that sit with Wilson?

It's ambiguous, to be certain. But one thing is clear, more clear than it has been-- if Wilson is unhappy after this season, Seattle will look into doing the unthinkable and trading the quarterback who brought them a Super Bowl title.