Russell Wilson Birthday Party Attendance Report Released

Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Russell Wilson is going to the Hall of Fame and he makes us laugh. But some people have noticed the Denver Broncos' less-than-stellar record and strong bad vibe to craft a of narrative about the high-priced NFL quarterback not being universally loved within his own locker room. Why? Either because it's important that the on-field CEO of an organization have widespread buy-in from his peers or because they are just plain hurtful.

At times like this it's difficult to separate fact from fiction, so thankfully 9NEWS' Mike Klis has a source familiar with birthday party Ciara threw for her husband last night who reports that, "It looked like about half the team was there."

Now, Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk has done the helpful work of explaining that this means half the team wasn't there, writing:

Klis provides a “glass-half-full” take as to the party being half full, as it relates to Wilson’s teammates. But the simple reality is that about half of the team wasn’t there.

That, frankly, seems to be a bit more significant.

Think about it. Ciara is throwing the party. It was surely swanky, with plenty of great food and drink and entertainment and whatever. Unless only half the team was invited (which would be a separate issue), why wouldn’t everyone go?

Life is all about perspective. For instance, a person could think it's super-silly we're all so interested in the attendance at Wilson's 34th birthday party and are breaking it down with perspective like a bunch of ratings nerds. Or a person could think it's awesome that a classic bit from Draft Day is getting a real-life callbck. Any way you slice it, Wilson is far more popular with his teammates than Bo Callahan. But Bo Callahan is a fictional person. So I don't know what to take from that.

Anyway. This is Year One of Wilson in Denver. Can't wait to see what the future holds. With each day that passes, the opportunities grow.