Tom Brady Free Agency Rumors Are Stupid

Tom Brady smiles with teammates.
Tom Brady smiles with teammates. / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Every offseason, free agency rumors consume most NFL fans. But this year, for the first time in their history, Patriots fans have had to entertain the drivel surrounding their favorite player.

It seems every week there's a new rumor about Tom Brady and where he'll sign this offseason, and most of those "reports" indicate it won't be in Foxborough. Even today on Get Up, Jeff Darlington said he would be "stunned" if Brady returned to the Patriots.

While all of this conjecture is interesting and good for clicks, it also means absolutely nothing. It's simply fodder to fill the masses during the lean NFL offseason. I'm not knocking that. Hell, everyone's gotta eat. But still, know this isn't prime-grade information.

Brady has already been linked to the Titans, Raiders, Chargers and, of course, the Patriots this offseason, but now he's even being linked to the New York Giants. Mike Giardi of the NFL Network dropped that report yesterday after speaking with "a number of NFL people...execs/coaches/scouts" during the combine.

The only problem with that report is it makes absolutely no sense and is borderline laughable. The Giants just invested a sixth-overall pick on Daniel Jones in 2019 and now they're going to bench him in order to pay Brady $30 million as the starter on a team that is in absolutely no way a Super Bowl contender? Sorry. Doesn't add up.

Now, this isn't a knock on Giardi or the other NFL insiders who do a lot more leg work than me to get these scoops. But the reality is none of them heard this from Brady or his agent and I can guarantee you no one will hear from Brady or his agent before he's made a decision. So while linking the greatest quarterback who ever played to every team in need of a quarterback this offseason (and even some who don't) is fun, it's also hollow. Just know that as you indulge in these juicy offseason rumors that look delicious but taste like cardboard.