Roundup: Los Angeles Will Extend Stay-At-Home Order, Dr. Fauci Testifies Before Congress

Kristin Bell and Dak Sheppard
Kristin Bell and Dak Sheppard / David Livingston/Getty Images

L.A. County will extend stay-at-home order through July... Hamilton arrives on Disney+ July 3... Carolyn Reidy, president and CEO of Simon & Schuster, dies at 71... Reopened Massachusetts ice cream shop closes again after being mobbed by angry customers... Facebook reaches $52 million settlement with former moderators... DC restaurant believes adding mannequins will make social distance eating less awkward, I disagree... Dr. Anthony Fauci warns Congress of dangers that come with states reopening too quickly... U.S. Supreme Court wary of presidential 'harassment' in Trump finances fight... Bryan Adams apologizes for "bat eating" social media post... Doctors and nurses can fly free on Qatar Airways... Dak Sheppard broke all the bones in his hand off-roading, was afraid to tell Kristin Bell... Angela Merkel says Germany must help other EU countries get back on their feet... 10 million hogs with nowhere to go... House pushes Capitol return until at least May 15

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Awesome stuff here:

I laughed at this all afternoon.

I miss Jaylen Brown!

Run the Jewels finally told us when their fourth studio album was dropping (five if you count Meow The Jewels) so here's a single to remind us rap fans what we have in store. LET'S GO.