Roundup: Henrik Lundqvist to Have Heart Surgery; Home Depot Fans Recalled; Lori Loughlin Released

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

... Georgia senate runoffs taking place amid unabated COVID and conspiracies ... Dangerous fans sold at Home Depot recalled ... Lori Loughlin released from prison ... The year's most-watched television networks ... Henrik Lundqvist to have open-heart surgery ... Louie Gohmert sued Mike Pence ... Andy Dalton definitely an option next year for several teams ... Don't care what they say, I will absolutely continue to eat ketchup ... Ray Allen on the things he won't forget ... Ian Rapoport really had to go ... Michigan State basketball is in freefall ... Possibility of a $2.4 billion Reebok sale persists ... Ja Morant sprained his ankle ... While this is all well and good, it might be better for hundreds of millions of Americans to get their much-needed aid ...

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