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Ian Rapoport Hastily Exits Pat McAfee Show Appearance As Dwayne Haskins News Breaks

Kyle Koster
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

NFL insiders are forged by fire, tested at all times, and perpetually on the precipice of dropping everything in the search for news. That's why they're the real heroes — heroes that often find time in their demanding and always shifting schedules to phone in to a radio show. And so that's how we found NFL Network's Ian Rapoport Monday afternoon, appearing with Pat McAfee and having to hastily excuse himself to answer a ringing phone.

Because, as we all know from the underrated Phone Booth with Colin Ferrell, it must always be answered. On the other end was news about Dwayne Haskins, who has capped his nightmarish week with being released by the Washington Football Team.

McAfee and the dudes were elated because it's always fun to see someone's eyes get real big in any setting, let alone live simulcast. A much calmer and reasonable reaction than some have had in the same situation.

It's the proper call for Rapoport. Never forget who signs your checks. When duty calls, it calls without warning and time to be demur. Insiders can simply not afford to be men and women of inaction and adaptation.