Roundup: Best March Madness Buzzer Beaters Ever, Lots More Coronavirus News

March Madness
March Madness / Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

France closes all cafes, bars, clubs, and movie theaters in Coronavirus lockdown ... Things continue to be really dire in Italy ... Famous horse trainer Bob Baffert says Kentucky Derby could be postponed until June or September ... NY Times story on guy who hoarded thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer does not paint him as sympathetic figure ... The US Treasury will help advance funds to employers to cover paid sick leave ... The Fed is slashes rates amid other moves to battle economic disruptions ... O'Hare airport was a nightmare for people returning from international flights this weekend ... KFC is pulling their 'finger-licking good' campaign while Coronavirus is spreading ... "Consumer companies like Clorox are calling on White House to defend US against supply chain disruptions" ... Biggest winners and losers of new NFL CBA ... 15 best Twitter followers for March Madness (if it were happening) ... Despite social distancing warnings, there were still hordes of revelers out for St. Patrick's Day celebrations on Saturday ... How to help hospitals that are overwhelmed by the spread of Coronavirus ... Chicago not shutting down bars and restaurants yet, but now reducing capacity limits.

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"The U.S. is not running out of food. The nation’s biggest retailers say the food supply chain remains intact and has been ramping up to meet the unprecedented stockpiling brought on by the coronavirus pandemic." [NY Times]

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Coronavirus could cause the new stadiums in Los Angeles and Las Vegas not to be ready for NFL season [PFT]

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