The Roof Is Leaking During the College Football Playoff Title Game


Michigan and Washington are facing off in the College Football Playoff National Championship Monday night and things aren't going exactly to plan. NRG Stadium in Houston is hosting the contest and it's raining in town. But, luckily NRG has a retractable dome, so no problem, right? Not so fast my friend.

Before the game kicked off, the roof of the stadium was actually leaking. Video is below.

Another look:

There is a chance of rain for the rest of the evening but the forecast might be clearing up a bit. Which would be good news for everyone involved.

A similar incident took place during last year's title game. It was pouring rain in Los Angeles, and SoFi Stadium isn't really a dome. A roof covers the stadium, but there are openings all around it and rain was blowing into the stands.

Why is rain following the CFP title game?