Rockies Usher Claims Zack Hample Stole a Ball Intended For a Kid


A few weeks ago, Zack Hample posted a video ripping a Colorado Rockies usher who politely asked him to stay in his section. Hample harassed the poor guy who was just doing his job. Now, that same usher has claimed Hample snagged a ball intended for a kid and refused to give it to him.

On Tuesday, Rockies fan Shannon Hurd tweeted an interaction she had with that usher in which he explained what went down from his perspective. He claimed a coach threw a ball up to a young fan, who dropped it. Hample grabbed it, walked away and when the usher asked why he didn't give it to the kid, the 44-year-old manbaby said, "Because it's my ball. He dropped it, so it's my ball."

Here's video of the usher relaying the story:

What a scumbag move. Hample claims to have more than 12,000 baseballs and runs around MLB parks like a maniac trying to acquire more. Some kid went to a game and tried to get a ball from a coach -- it was probably his first -- and Hample had to ruin the kid's day by stealing it away.

Zack Hample remains baseball's biggest villain.