Robert Woods: Media Member Claims USC Receiver Failed Concussion Test Before Returning Against Utah [UPDATE]


Many were skeptical when USC receiver Robert Woods returned to the field Thursday night against Utah, after taking a nasty-looking blow to the head and collapsing to the ground under his own power after getting up. If one media member is to be believed, that skepticism may have been warranted.

Brian Smith, who contributes on Utah for, claims he was behind the USC sideline and witnessed Woods fail multiple verbal tests before passing a balance test and being cleared to return by the medical staff.

Woods told reporters he was asked to subtract 7 from 100 repeatedly. Here is how he described his stumbling.

"“The whole time I was kind of like gone, but once I hit the ground the second time I was like alright ‘now I’m good’…I had to settle for a little bit.”"

Update: Smith backed off the story, claiming he did not hear the precise words that were said.