Robert Saleh Will Need More Than PHW to Make it Through the Season

New York Jets Training Camp
New York Jets Training Camp / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Kyle Brandt shared a humorous story about a group text with New York Jets coach Robert Saleh on Good Morning Football on Tuesday. Brandt had asked Saleh what the secret was to his muscular golf course look and Saleh responded "PHW." Brandt was unable to figure out what supplement that was before Saleh revealed it was Pure Hard Work.

What a great football guy thing. PHW. I can see that sign in the weight room right now. I just hope that's not all Saleh is relying on this season because if things don't go great for the Jets, he's probably done.

Saleh is just 11-23 in two seasons as head coach of the Jets. He took over a two-win team and turned them into a four-win team and then a seven-win team. The Jets are going to have to win at least two, maybe three more games this season to get to the postseason and if that happens, Aaron Rodgers is going to get all the credit. If it goes wrong? It's probably going to be Saleh that takes the blame.

A year ago he was the one who was "taking receipts" before going 7-10 and making many questionable decisions along the way. This year he'll need actual results or he'll have to get back to a defensive coordinator job.