49ers Coordinator Robert Saleh, Much Like My 2-Year Old, Needs to Get Back Over Here Right Now

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers
Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers / Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers shut out the Green Bay Packers in the first half on Sunday night, 23-0. With a score like that, it's no wonder that Robert Saleh, the defensive coordinator of the 49ers, is a top prospective head coaching candidate right now. The Niners entered their Week 12 matchup with Green Bay with the best record in the NFC and the second-best defense in the NFL behind New England. They've given up just 15.5 points and 253 yards a game. Saleh's only problem is he constantly needs someone to stop him from going where he shouldn't be, and I completely understand because I have a 2-year old child.

Salahe has a "get back" coach whose only job on Sundays appears to be to grab a grown man by his shirt and tell him to "get back over there." And I totally get it. Man, having a 2-year old and a 40-year old defensive coordinator is really hard work.

Saleh previously said that he blacks out "during those moments," which makes sense. My 2-year old would probably say the same thing if he could say multiple words at once. He seems to understand everything that I say, but when I don't want him to do something, he also seems to black out. If you want him to find the remote control so we can watch a Mickey Mouse cartoon, or find his cup so he can have some more juice, there are no communication issues. But if I want him to get away from the oven or stay in the front yard, a blackout is the only explanation.

I think I feel the worst for the "get back coach." He must be exhausted at the end of every game. He just keeps telling Saleh to stay in one spot, but he just keeps wandering off. Again and again. Why won't he just listen!?

Perhaps the 49ers should consider some sort of gate on the sideline to keep Saleh from wandering onto the field. The only problem is that by this time next season Saleh will be able to open the gate on his own. Of course, he'll be in Pre-K by then. Wait, no. He'll be coaching the Cowboys or Browns by then. I just keep getting Robert Saleh and my 2-year old mixed up. They're both so smart and great and I just wish they would both listen a little better!