Rob Lowe Is On a Thursday Night Football Alternate Feed and We Sure Hope He Wears the NFL Hat


TNF in The Shop, a Thursday Night Football alternate feed featuring LeBron James and Maverick Carter, debuts tonight during Prime Video's presentation of Tennessee Titans-Green Bay Packers. Guests include Dez Bryant, Jalen Ramsey, Jamie Foxx, and Rob Lowe. They are promising "an unmatched viewing experience featuring authentic, raw, untapped conversations that only happen inThe Shop."

And sure, why not? The more alternate broadcasts the merrier. Let people choose their own adventures and they'll feel more in control of the whole football-watching experience. We've litigated the explosion in this sector before. So let's focus on the element of all of this that's most important.

Rob Lowe better wear the NFL hat. He has to. To not wear the hat would be a giant missed opportunity. It'd be like going to see The Killers and them not playing Mr. Brightside during the encore. Or a better analogy a smarter person would make.

Impartial NFL fan Rob Lowe is one of the better memes of the past few years. No one denies this! And here presents the perfect opportunity for an encore where donning it again would make all the sense in the world.

Now, Mr. Lowe is going to look incredible no matter what he wears. Few sartorial options, though, present such a win-win-win scenario. He'd get to look fantastic, LeBron can be in on a joke, and Amazon can get a constant reminder on-screen to viewers that they're watching professional football.

A nation waits.