Rand Paul: College Basketball Players Now Rap Stars Who Will All Drive Bentleys or Rolls

This was during the PGA - LIV merger hearing.
Senate Hearing Examines Implications Of PGA-LIV Golf Deal
Senate Hearing Examines Implications Of PGA-LIV Golf Deal / Drew Angerer/GettyImages

The US Senate held a hearing on the PGA Tour - LIV Golf merger on Tuesday. Those following along learned a number of things, like Yasir Al-Rumayyan was trying to get an Augusta membership, Greg Norman was out, and they somehow expected to convince Tiger Woods to have a LIV team and play 10 events a year.

“They completely screwed up college athletes. We used to be proud. Many of us loved watching amateur athletes that weren't paid. Now everybody that plays basketball in college is going to be driving a Bentley or a Rolls. I mean, we're going to be seeing rap stars instead of basketball stars. I mean, this is crazy."

There are a couple pretty simple responses to this complaint by Paul that young - mostly Black - athletes are profiting off their likeness.

In addition to Paul bringing NIL into the hearing, Josh Hawley tried to take the PGA to task about a relationship with China that no longer exists. This comes three years and one day after Adrian Wojnarowski told Hawley, "F--k you," in an e-mail when he was ripping the NBA for their actual involvement with China.

All-in-all, a typical Congressional hearing.