Raiders GM Mike Mayock Shouldn't Denounce Players For His Mistakes

Mike Mayock.
Mike Mayock. / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Mike Mayock's short tenure as Las Vegas Raiders general manager has been fraught with questionable draft decisions and disappointing trades. For whatever reason, Mayock, who is obviously the man at the center of those decisions, just decided to put a spotlight on one of his miscues.

On the Raiders' official website (I repeat: ON THE RAIDERS' OFFICIAL WEBSITE) Mayock called out the Raiders' 2020 rookie class, saying, "I was disappointed in the productivity of our rookies, I'll be the first person to admit that." Mayock specifically called out Vegas first-round pick Henry Ruggs, saying, "We knew how fast he is, but he has to get stronger, and he has to get in and out of his breaks better."

Um, I'm sorry Mike, but were you not the one who drafted Ruggs with the 12th overall pick last year despite many thinking that was a reach? That 4.27 40-yard speed you referenced didn't suddenly make him a Top-12 prospect to the rest of the NFL. Only you were infatuated with the "speed kills" idea that once consumed the mind of Al Davis. Unfortunately, Ruggs isn't Tyreek Hill, at least not yet, and you pointing out his deficiencies as a rookie only raises the temperature on your seat for reaching for him in the first place.

While we're on the subject of reaches, fellow 2020 first-round pick Damon Arnette also was mentioned by Mayock as needing to, "take care of business in the offseason. Nutrition, strength coach, consistency of a day-to-day program." Mayock picked Arnette No. 19 in 2020 despite him having a second-round projection. So you've now called out your second reach and discussed publicly the things they need to do better. Hopefully you've pointed that finger at the man in the mirror too because the reaches were your decision.

Speaking of bad decisions, remember when Mayock traded a third-round draft pick (No. 66 overall) and 2019 fifth-round pick (No. 141 overall) to the Steelers for Antonio Brown? He never played a snap for them and reportedly had a heated confrontation with Mayock.

What about when Mayock made the inexcusable mistake of drafting Clelin Ferrell with the No. 4 pick in 2019? He had a mid-to-late first-round grade. So far he's accumulated 6.5 sacks in two years. Does he need to get better too?

Johnathan Abrams, who Mayock selected No. 27 overall in 2019, was the lowest-rated starting strong safety in the league by PFF last year. Who is that on?

Mayock has made mistake after mistake since moving from broadcasting to the front office world. You could argue this is the Raiders' fault for hiring Mayock for a position he had no qualifications for. Literally, he's never worked in a front office before this.

However, for Mayock to point out his own mistakes and challenge them to live up to the expectations only he had for them is delusional. It felt only right someone call him out for his mistakes and challenge him to get better as well.