Rachel Campos-Duffy Appeared to Have Trouble Staying Awake on 'FOX & Friends Saturday'


FOX & Friends starts early every morning at 6am. Who knows what time the hosts have to arrive at the studio to prepare, but it's definitely still dark out no matter what time of year it is and should be considered extremely early by anyone who isn't a farmer or Mark Wahlberg. So it's actually surprising that the hosts don't look tired more often because who could blame them?

Yet somehow, thanks to the magic of television and coffee, they rarely do, which makes Rachel Campos-Duffy struggling to keep her eyes open during the early hours of Saturday's show at least worth noting.

A quick look at Campos-Duffy's Twitter account shows that she tweeted at both 1:01am and 2:44am this morning so it shouldn't have been much of a surprise if she was tired. If you're online at those hours, being at work at 6am does not seem ideal.

The good news is that last I checked, it wasn't a crime to miss out on a good night's sleep, no matter why what is happening. Besides, we've all struggled to keep our eyes open at work before. It's just that most of us aren't doing our jobs in front of multiple television cameras. Luckily, Campos-Duffy made it through her shift. Hopefully, she can find some time for a nap today.