'Fox & Friends' Struggles to Find a Ron DeSantis Supporter in Crowded Florida Diner


One can quibble about the science behind asking a bunch of random people who have assembled at a diner where a Fox News show is visiting as it relates to the ability to accurately reflect a broader political climate. But that's the method the mainstream media has decided on and will triple-down upon during the 2024 Presidential race. We don't have to like it but everyone would save themselves some aggravation by accepting the reality.

Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade was tasked this morning with visiting a Florida eatery to ask people about this country and hopefully to snag some complimentary flapjacks. On the Republican side, these patrons' governor, Ron DeSantis, has emerged as a trendy pick to unseat Donald Trump and earn the nomination. And yet Kilmeade struggled mightily to find one of them who supported DeSantis. Hell, even the person wearing a shirt with his name on it seemed to be on the fence in terms of her support.

That seems ... not great. Even the dulcet tones of Smashmouth's "All-Star" will do little to blunt the warning bells going off at DeSantis HQ. Of course, as Kilmeade alluded to, that decision is way, way down the road and it sounds like a lot of people need a break from talking about the election, especially after they are asked to talk about the election.