Potential Poker Cheating Scandal Goes Viral During Live Stream Following an All-Time Horrendous Call


There are a lot of poker hands played every minute all around the world so anyone who plays cards has seen their fair share of bad hands and bad beats where one person did what they absolutely should not have done. What happened last night on the Hustler Casino Lives stream is one of the worst you could ever imagine and it resulted in the winner facing immediate cheating allegations and almost immediately giving the money back.

The hand in question was between Robbi Jade Lew and former Survivor contestant Garrett Adelstein. With an open-ended straight flush draw, Adelstein went all-in on the turn. Lew made an incredibly questionable call with just a jack-high. When Adelstein didn't improve on the river his body appeared to shut down as he tried to figure out how Lew justified calling $109,000 with a hand that anyone else on the planet would have thrown away.

Following the events and aftermath of the hand both players ended up leaving the table and having a conversation at the request of management. Lew ended up giving the money back before returning to the table. You can see her explain what happened to the other players in this video around the 17:36 mark.

Later that night Adelstein tweeted his version of events explaining why he thought she was cheating.

Lew denied the cheating and stuck to her story that it was a hero call and accused Adelstein of threatening her off-camera.

Suffice to say, everyone felt much better last week when the stakes were a little lower and Lew successfully bluffed Adelstein on a much more common hand.

Hustler Casino Live co-founder Nick Vertucci brushed off the cheating accussations by saying Lew was inexperienced and likely misread her hand.