Phil Hellmuth and Ninja Combine For Unforgettable Poker Highlight


The Hustler Casino in Los Angeles live streams poker five nights a week. Last night's game featured mostly online content creators. Hosted by Ludwig, the game featured online personalities like Ninja, xQc, and Alexandra Botez, as well as pros Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan. At one point Hellmuth ended up in a heads-up situation with the big-time Twitch streamer Ninja.

Hellmuth announces he has pocket jacks and correctly predicts Ninja has pocket 7's. He then goes all-in and gets called because Ninja basically figures it would be epic if he ended up winning the hand. Here's what happens.

In most games, this isn't that big a deal. However, this particular hand features two noteworthy things. First, Ninja says, "I'll suck a d--- for a ten." Seems about par for the course, but more importantly, there's the Hellmuth side of the hand.

Phil flops trips and then Ninja gets a runner-runner straight on the board to split the pot. No real-world or game consequences for anyone. However, this is Phil Hellmuth and who doesn't love watching things go poorly for him at a poker table? Ninja's look at Phil is an instant meme.