Wild Pizza Shop Brawl Features Employees Using Pizza Peel and Sauce Ladle as Weapons

Pizza shop brawl.
Pizza shop brawl. /

There is a saying that nothing good happens late at night. Often people specify midnight or 1am or 2am, but this 3am brawl at a New York City pizza place seems to make a convincing argument for that cutoff time. Watch as patrons rush behind the counter and get into it with a very game staff.

This is apparently Joe's Pizza in Greenwich Village, which was recently visited by Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. So the range of things you could see at Joe's is pretty vast. You might see one of the world's biggest celebrities or you might see someone use a pizza peel and sauce ladle as a weapon. Eating the pizza doesn't even seem like a necessity.

This other angle from the end of the brawl shows that they are definitely going to need to buy some new peels.