Phil Nevin Suspended After Going Berserk on Umpires Following Angels' Loss to Blue Jays

Phil Nevin
Phil Nevin /

Last night the Los Angeles Angels lost to the Toronto Blue Jays despite another home run from the transcendant Shohei Ohtani. The viral clip that made the rounds from the otherwise unremarkable contest featured Matt Chapman asking Blue Jays manager John Schneider why they were throwing to Ohtani at all when he's "the only f---ing guy on the team who can hit."

This, however, meant that Angels manager Phil Nevin's freakout after the final out was recorded went largely unnoticed. And that's a shame to us because it was an A+ manager freakout.

Let' s set the scene. The Angels were down by three runs entering the top of the ninth. They managed to load the bases. With one out and a loaded count, Michael Stefanic took a pitch that should have been ball four and a run for LA. Instead, it was called a strike. This just about took the wind out of everybody's sales and the Angels went down without a fight shortly thereafter.

But Nevin was incensed. After the final pitch was thrown and the umpires filtered to the Angels' dugout to leave, Nevin busted out a full-on iPad to show them where they went wrong before losing his mind and needing to be held back by his staff.

Nevin apparently decided he was going to get his money's worth and the league obliged, suspending the manager for the second game of the series this afternoon.

The iPad use was really great and something more managers should consider doing in the future. Shades of Patrick Beverley showing the referees a picture of LeBron James getting fouled earlier this year. Outstanding.