Patrick Beverley Got a Technical Foul For Confronting a Referee With Camera After a Missed Call

Stephen Douglas

There have been hundreds - maybe thousands - of games in NBA history and we're still seeing things we've never seen before, on what feels like a nightly basis. During last night's Los Angeles Lakers - Boston Celtics game, Patrick Beverley brought a photographer's camera onto the floor to show a referee a missed foul and was given a technical foul.

This happened between the end of regulation and the start of overtime, which is also a very rare time for someone to pick up a technical foul, but Pat Bev is just built different.

Here's the play that ended regulation where LeBron James was clearly fouled by Jayson Tatum, but did not get the call. LeBron was beside himself. The Lakers were beside themselves. As Jeff Van Gundy pointed out on the broadcast, "This is exactly why replay was instituted. If we can't review that, then to me, replay serves no purpose in our game."

Perhaps players going out into the crowd after bad calls to find people who have photographic proof that a call was wrong might be a system the NBA could try. Doesn't seem that much sillier than the current way of doing things.