Pete Carroll Diving on the Ground for a Fumble at Seahawks Mini-Camp at 71-Years-Old

Stephen Douglas
Pete Carroll diving on a fumble.
Pete Carroll diving on a fumble. /

Pete Carroll, the oldest active head coach in the NFL, will turn 71 this September. If he remains a coach for a few more seasons he can become the oldest head coach in NFL history. At practice on Saturday, he got into a scuffle with wide reciever Cody Thompson and dove on Thompson as he tried to recover the fumble.

Carroll says he was the one to force the fumble, but Thompson appears to be fighting for the ball in the clip. Not that it matters. Cody Thompson, undrafted out of Toledo a couple years ago, is spending this mini-camp tackling the head coach. And Carroll is sending a heck of a message by diving on the ground. Shocking enough for a man his age, but when you throw in the all-white outfit? Come on.

So is this Carroll staying young? Or asking for an injury that could cut his career short? We'll find out if he breaks that record. Or if he gets a tryout at tight end with the Jaguars.